My Digital Mouth & Microphone Drawing wi


Updated: April 2021.
Event: April Sat 17th 2021.

Listen Up! My Artwork on the Latest, Easter Event, for our Additional Needs Group, Online. Also My New Craft Video to.

Craft Video soon to follow, Instructions Listed Below though.

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Updated: February 2021.
Event: February Sat 27th 2021.

Read all about it! My Artwork on the Latest Additional Needs Group Event,

another new one. 

Storytime, song time, for Additional Needs Group online, sensory event, on zoom, dog puppet story time to. Sharing a message of hope from a Christian perspective. inclusive and Sharing Pets on Zoom to. Other Online Resources like craft things to do to. Particularly to have as part of the sensory story telling.

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My Simple rainbow mobile craft, work.

Collage 2021-02-06 19_17_19 (1).jpg
Collage 2021-02-06 19_34_01.jpg

Resin Jewellery Making

Is something new I've got into #making.

Will be in a #blog soon, when I've completed it

properly and some more to.

I've found a new joy in creating #resin #jewellry is fairly easy to do to, once you have the correct items to make it. Tried a few times and failed, but finally I've achieved it. 

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Collage 2021-02-01 20_56_40.jpg
Updated: December 2020.
Event: December Sat 5th 2020.

Please Come and Join Us Saturday the 5th of Dec 2020, at 2pm, for Christmas Story Telling, and Song Time, for Additional Needs Children and others.

Artwork By Me, in the Flyers.

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Our #online #events/#resources:

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Collage 2020-11-16 07_01_26.jpg
Updated: October 2020.
Event: October Sat 17th 2020.
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Collage 2020-11-28 13_35_19.jpg
Collage 2020-10-11 22_46_36.jpg
Collage 2020-10-08 14_30_07.jpg
Collage 2020-12-02 12_18_56.jpg

As a craft #tiedye has become something new to learn to and #brand myself with. I've always been fascinated with it and how to it. I aim to make more and possibly my own #dye's, if that works? I did some workshops at #madeinroath a Couple of years ago, found it really to do. Once you have all the right equipment. So if you like what you see? Then either order through #etsy, or I can arrange orders in person or via Email? I can do some requests of #colour's and or styles and what product you want dyed to? Will create a blog about this soon to, so please do keep a look out, if interested in my work? 

Collage 2020-09-19 19_08_38.jpg
Collage 2020-12-02 12_16_07.jpg
Collage 2020-12-02 12_17_47.jpg

My Card Designs

Making and Designing #cards, are always something I'm keen to create and make, either to get printed or by hand? I always looking at news how to tell the Christian #christmas #story, since being a #christian and wanting to share the good news of Jesus, and not having many opportunities to do so. Images I find are one people can express their passions and points of view, without always stepping on too many toes, within reason. I'm open to new ways and ideas in creating cards and my designs though. I am looking into trying to have some with a mixture of non Christian related images and Christian images together, and then some images of non Christian ones by themselves. Any ideas for commission, of suggestion though, is much appreciated and am forever hopeful that someone will?

Please Email me on here or:

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Collage 2020-12-01 08_53_20.jpg

Ceramic Tile Decorating

During lockdown, ceramic Tile Decorating, is something else I have gotten into learning. I have found that there are a few ways you can do this, this is just one way that I've been doing it. I've used some very special Aqteza Paints, are very cool to create my own designs with. First picture below are a set of four, larger Ceramic Titles, that could go on the wall, or be used as Hot Plates when cooking, or in the Centre of your table. I've also done some Coasters to. I aim to do full sets with placemats to. I will put onto Etsy soon. But if anyone interested, please do not hesitate to enquire about them.

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Collage 2020-09-13 19_53_32.jpg

Ceramic coaster Tile Decorating.

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Updated: October 2020.
Created:  2020.
Updated: October 2020.
Created:  2019.

First Set of Commissioned Placemats.

I also managed to complete this commission, by a couple we know, thank you so much to your generosity and patience, it is much appreciated. T-shirt Studios are where I print from, cheapest #placemats I can find, to get #personalised. If anyone is interested in #commissioning me for any, with any style of artwork, within reason, think of styles I've already shown on my website. I charge £8 for each Placemat, as they cost £6 to get Printed and £2 for Delivery, though if I am to send the items to you, I will need to charge for £2 Delivery at least. No matter how many placemats or things you order from them. I have a Feedback Page now to, so please check out what the couple have to say about the finished products. 

Collage 2020-04-20 22_45_26.jpg
Updated: October 2020.
Created:  2020.

My Mary Poppins Handmade Stencils & Spray Paint Artwork.

Since Spray paints are something else I love to create things with, mainly because you can use them for many different designs and on different surfaces, within reason, where allowed, as not all will go on Fabrics and Wood for example. Though most of them work well in an Art Book, on Paper, or on a Canvas. This one below is all made out of Paper. My Mum has it on her wall and kindly paid for a hand made frame, by a local frame maker. Too expensive for someone like me, looking for work. It's also a favourite story and film of mine. I aim to do more and like this and by doing one's with lights to, as shown below, with the reindeer forest 3D light box scene. I do some things, like these, as examples for my portfolio and website, so people can see what I am capable of. I aim to make more that I can sell, but again any commissions for these, please do not hesitate to ask by email. I have also been creating a Slideshow of my work, which will show such examples in to and more things I have been making and painting in lockdown. So please watch this space, you might need to, to keep up with me to. Since I currently have the time on my hands to do this to. 

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Collage 2020-07-22 15_36_49.jpg
Updated: October 2020.
Created:  2020.

Crayon Art

As an art form, #crayonart really says it all in the title.


All you need:

  • A Blank Canvas or Paper, possibly other surfaces to?

  • Wax Crayons, a particular type from supermarket shop

     like Tesco, I found where these easiest to melt.

  • A Heat Craft Gun,

  • Glue, or a Glue Gun,

       as sticks better I found and a fair bit of time. 

Collage 2020-08-04 02_24_58.jpg
Collage 2020-08-04 02_23_07.jpg
Updated: October 2020.
Created:  2020.

Stencil Art Using White Acrylic Gesso Paint

This is an art form, that I can thoroughly recommend, a true joy when you peel off a stencil, after painting over it and it works perfectly. There has been less times of failing with this type of art to. Perfect on lots of surfaces: wood, canvas, paper and others to, that I have yet to try using Acrylic White Gesso paint, such a cool 3D likeness that it creates. Would love to do it on walls one day.

Collage 2020-08-04 02_43_56.jpg
Collage 2020-08-04 02_33_58.jpg

Read All About It! 

This EVENT Below, Has SADLY NOW BEEN CANCELLED, May come back in the Summer? Depending how the Corona Virus issue goes and so on? May Use the same Flyers though? 

 My Artwork and Photography Work: Date: March Saturday the 21st of 2020, Time: 2pm-4pm. For the 'Easter Special,' Event, for All Children and Families. With a Focus on Sensory Games and Art and Crafts and Story time and Food and Drink, All Free! At St Marks Church, in Gabalfa, in Cardiff? (Varies each time).


Just Some of My Photos from Previous Events Collage Below:

Collage 2020-02-22 12_45_27.jpg
A+ Gallery_209.jpg

My Artwork in Flyers for the additional needs events:

All Flyers with My 2D Design work in, Adam Colman Puts the flyers together,

Collage 2020-11-28 13_37_24.jpg
Collage 2020-11-28 13_37_17.jpg
Updated: March 2020.
Created:  February 2020
Event was supposed to be in March, Cancelled because of Covid.

I Did this 2D Logo Design for 'The Buzy Bee, Sewing Group,' with Kerry Moriah, at the Taff Housing Location, in Canton, in Cardiff. And Joined briefly in Sept 2019.

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Collage 2020-02-25 10_27_39.jpg
Collage 2020-02-25 10_10_27.jpg
Updated: October 2020.
Created:  August-Sept 2019.
Updated:  October 2018.
Created:  September 2018.

#Logo design competition Winner, partly anyway...

A+ Gallery_146.jpg

I've part Won this Logo Design Competition, of 2018, for the MS LEAP Research that Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings does at Cardiff University. As My Design, that I Entered, which is in the below Photo Collage, I created in the 'Pitzap,' app. I have been given Gift Card Vouchers as My Prize, first ever competition to win too! A Great start to now being Self Employed, as a Marketing and Design Freelancer. My Entry and another persons, stated in the Twitter post below, by Julie, have both inspired the Final Design. So were all very pleased! Thank you Julie and Cardiff University!

Updated: January 2019.
Created:  Dec 2018.

My New Design of My First Customer, Dawn pickering, my mum, for her phd research, at Cardiff University.

A+ Gallery_157.jpg

I had this Llanstadwell, MilfordHaven, Pembrokeshire, Sea View, Watercolour Painting Artwork, put in The Gate Centre, The Sea Exhibition Art Gallery, in Cardiff, on Keppoch Street, Roath, CF24 3JW. Dec 2018.


I really enjoyed Volunteering with Made By Hand Craft Fair Nov 2018, this weekend, maybe see you there, at city hall in Cardiff? It's not free, book online or pay when you get there, but there will probably be a que for this, so please bare that in mind.


Here's just some of the things we got up to in the Workshop, I potentially helped with.


Really enjoyed being apart of the G39 Gallery exhibition, that was apart of the Made In Roath festival this year, in 2018. Much appreciated thank you!


PLEASE see My Photography in this exhibition, competition!


My Cathays library photo, taken in 2017, during the last made in roath festival. 

Please Check Out & Vote for My Photo's in the Cathays Library, THANK YOU! You have to go to the Library to do it. It's in Cardiff's Photography Competition 2018, to Vote for My Photo's, All this week! All Votes will be hugely appreciated! Thank You!

1) Monday, 22nd Oct to Saturday 3rd Nov – 2 week exhibition – 2 of 3,

2) Saturday, 3rd Nov – Prize giving – 3 of 3