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This EVENT Below, Has SADLY NOW BEEN CANCELLED, May come back in the Summer? Depending how the Corona Virus issue goes and so on? May Use the same Flyers though? 

 My Artwork and Photography Work: Date: March Saturday the 21st of 2020, Time: 2pm-4pm. For the 'Easter Special,' Event, for All Children and Families. With a Focus on Sensory Games and Art and Crafts and Story time and Food and Drink, All Free! At St Marks Church, in Gabalfa, in Cardiff? (Varies each time).

Just Some of My Photos from Previous Events Collage Below:

I Did this 2D Logo Design for 'The Buzy Bee, Sewing Group,' with Kerry Moriah, at the Taff Housing Location, in Canton, in Cardiff. And Joined briefly in Sept 2019.

I had this Llanstadwell, Watercolour Painting Artwork, put in The Gate Centre, The Sea Exhibition Art Gallery, in Cardiff, on Keppoch Street, Roath, CF24 3JW. Dec 2018.


My New Design of My First Customer, Dawn pickering, my mum, for her phd research, at Cardiff University.

My latest Flyer for the additional needs events, this one being for our Christmas 2019 event,a

'Christmas Celebration.'

The Front of the Present Design, as Adam Coleman, Created the 2D effect and the star in the present design. I also Created the Candle, Nativity scene, Hollys, and background are all My Designs on the Flyer too.

It is slightly earlier than normal, since our church in particualar does seem to get very booked up, the days and weeks coming up to Christmas, as do other churches too. Plus those of us organing the event like to have time off where we can too. 

We are calling it a 'Christmas Celebration,' as that is what Christmas is for most Christians, if not all, and Catholics and so many, if not all Jews, celebrate at Christmas too. The Birth of Christ. Since we know that means to get to Heaven, and to be able to have a relationship with God and Grace and forgiveness, we want to share the joy and celebrate that with all! As God has always first loved us. 

So Please do come to Highfields Free church, on the Saturday the 24th of Novemember 2018. For fun and games, arts and craft, a short story at the end and some food and drink, its all free! Since we love to share! Aimed at those both physically and mentally disabled, and your siblings and family, as God is all about family.

I really enjoyed Volunteering with Made By Hand Craft Fair Nov 2018, this weekend, maybe see you there, at city hall in Cardiff? It's not free, book online or pay when you get there, but there will probably be a que for this, so please bare that in mind.

Here's just some of the things we got up to in the Workshop, I potentially helped with.

logo design competition Winner, partly anyway...

I've part Won this Logo Design Competition, of 2018, for the MS LEAP Research that Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings does at Cardiff University. As My Design, that I Entered, which is in the below Photo Collage, I created in the 'Pitzap,' app. I have been given Gift Card Vouchers as My Prize, first ever competition to win too! A Great start to now being Self Employed, as a Marketing and Design Freelancer. My Entry and another presons, stated in the Twitter post belowe, by Julie, have both inspired the Final Design. So were all very pleased! Thank you Julie and Cardiff University!

PLEASE see My Photography in this exhibition, competition!

My Cathays library photo, taken in 2017, during the last made in roath festival. 

Please Check Out & Vote for My Photo's in the Cathays Library, THANK YOU! You have to go to the Library to do it. It's in Cardiff's Photography Competition 2018, to Vote for My Photo's, All this week! All Votes will be hugely appreciated! Thank You!

1) Monday, 22nd Oct to Saturday 3rd Nov – 2 week exhibition – 2 of 3,

2) Saturday, 3rd Nov – Prize giving – 3 of 3

Really enjoyed being apart of the G39 Gallery exhibition, that was apart of the Made In Roath festival this year, in 2018. Much appreciated thank you! This Site is Created By: Hannah Pickering, copy right to me,

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