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Feedback From People About 

My Work for them.

Adam Colman (chair of Saturday Special).

Additional Needs Group, I do Volunteering for:


Hannah has worked as a member of our team for a few years now. She is enthusiastic, brimming with creative ideas and always eager to turn them

into reality for us.


As a valuable member of our team, Hannah helps plan and resource our exciting events for by providing ideas, examples and assistance with our art and craft activities. She very much understands the work that we do, and is able to offer us useful insights that help us serve and connect with children and families experiencing additional learning needs and physical disabilities.


Hannah also provides illustrations for storytelling and artwork for publicity. I like using Hannah’s artwork as it gives our events a distinctive, consistent and easily recognisable look. This helps build trust between us and the families who either do or might potentially use our services, and that’s really important to us.


Saturday Special is an informal group led by members of churches around Cardiff. We provide events for children with additional needs and their families, such as sensory activities, music, craft, games and Bible stories.





Yvonne Street, Placemats Oct 2019-April 2020:


While on a visit to Hannah’s home in Pembroke I spotted place mats and coasters that she had made for her parents and asked if she could do some for me. We had a second home in St Davids a while ago and I had pictures of memorable place such as the Cathedral and sea scapes like Whitesands. Hannah was able to take the photos, and little did I understand the amount of effort involved, she recreated the photos in art form. The finish was inspirational and I now have practical memories of our time in St Davids. I can recommend her work for sure. 




Artist/designer 2019:


I worked with hannah to create a logo to advertise  a sewing  community group with in Taff housing Association. I found hannah to be very helpful in that , she made lots of creative suggestions for layout and arrangements for items to be on the logo.


However I had a specific vision in my mind , that I wanted so I only really needed her to execute this. Hannah was competent in receiving feedback and constructive criticism in order to achieve the logo I envisioned. Her skills with text formation and , finding the correct images was super, and fitted really well with the theme and  overall vision I had.  I also found that she was able to be flexible around, deadlines and delays which was definitely a bonus for me as I worked on the logo  around managing a chronic  health condition. 


I would recommend hannah to any creative looking for a logo design with a a professional finish. I would add that hannah does have a learning disability , which can make the process slightly longer. However since companies are aiming to be inclusive and supportive  of people with  disabilities. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a hindrance, if the person working with hannah is assertive with competent communication skills, and diplomatic then a harmonious working relationship is possible.  Myself and hannah achieved a beautiful logo, that has received admiration from all who see it.


Thankyou hannah, for your expertise and hard work and the  time you put  in to  creating the busy bee logo.I love it!! I must also add that hannah did this work on a volunterring basis too. The qulaity of the work was definately at a standard that is worth paying for. I would definately look forward to working with hannah  in the future & recommend her  to others!

Gabriela Todd, I did Volunteering with

Race Running Dragons Organisation, 

Card 2016-2018:


Hannah’s work has always been meticulously detailed and creative. Her photography records the moment and she uses digital art to great effect on posters, artwork, website and book illustration.


Hannah takes a keen interest in the subject matter and wants to know what the overall plan is and what exactly the expectations are. Hannah liked to be involved in the progress of our organisation and took a personal interest in visiting and seeing this for herself. 

Hannah had excellent computer and editing skills, which helped reduce the many images and ideas to representative posters, cards and banners. Hannah has a creative way of making visual collages  and is always flexible to adapt and change her work if required. I was not always able to imagine what the result should look like, but through regular communication, feedback and patience Hannah managed to give our organisation a visual identity, which after 6 years is still with us and now forms part of our history. 

Collage 2020-02-22 12_45_27.jpg
Collage 2020-02-25 10_17_25.jpg
Collage 2020-02-25 10_10_27.jpg
Collage 2020-11-28 12_12_42.jpg
My Edited Drawing of a Red Race Runner B
Gloucester Race Running Club All Ability

LEAP-MS logo. - Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings,

 in 2019.

Hannah entered a logo competition to provide a meaningful image for a study about people with Multiple Sclerosis and physical activity run by Cardiff University.  Having carefully looked at the brief, Hannah's contribution, better than any other, captured the essence of the project. The ideas in Hannah's design heavily influenced the final image.

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