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Background Info

I have a BA in Creative Writing and did a Children's Writing module during the time I studied this degree. I loved it and has made me want to write and publish my own, I also feel I would like to use these skills for other people too.


I have an iPad I use the most doing 2D creative art work and use the 'SKETCHBOOK Pro/Express Apps,' is this any good for you? It saves into JPEGs straight away. I could use Adobe Illustrator but I can't afford it at the moment.


I Completed an Art Project for a Company CalledSims4training,' in 2017, to help them Set Up their Social Media Sites and to Explain what Services they do and how they help people with Virtual Simulation Software they provide. I've done the Art Work, on My ipad using the ‘Sketchbook Pro/Express,’ apps.  


I’ve also helped set up a Website, on, for Gabriela Todd, who has set up Race Running Dragons in Wales, Cardiff. I’m also doing Photography work for her and am still doing this and Graphics and am setting up Social Media Pages for her too. The Website Address is: Temp Add:    


The end of 2017, I have written A Blog for ‘Made In Roath,about the Piece of Artwork I had in the 'Widening Access Course,' Cardiff Mets Free Summer School Courses, Exhibition.Oct Festival 2017, at St Edwards Church, in Cardiff. I also attended and Took Photographs of Events. The First Blog Link Here:

I’ve worked for as a Marketing/Writer assistant for the company’s website. I had to upload my reviews onto my profile, visit local companies, take photographs of them, and do research about them and then upload all of this information on their website. I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I have Illustrated a book for Dawn Pickering, my mum which links to her Children with Cerebral Palsy Research, Called 'Where Can I Ride My Trike?' about what they can and can't do. We're selling it on Amazon too or in person.

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